Friday, August 15, 2008

Fall Favorites and a Slight Prediction

by Mr. W

College football is a mere two weeks away. And I am feigning for all things NCAAF. Game Day, Thursday Night Games, Coaches poll debates, Homecomings all stir up excitement within any fan. But for me the thing that takes the cake is just Saturdays in the fall; as those crisp, sunny, limitless blue sky days of Autumn quickly approach, it reinforces that soon the rituals of Saturday will begin. Whether you are going to be spending your day tailgating and in you team's stadium, at a buddies man cave, at the local watering hole, or at home on your couch with your 15 year old lucky sweatshirt from your alma mater, you have to agree Fall Saturday’s are different. As soon as you wake up, there is that feeling that something is going to happen that day.
If you are like me, you have one or two teams you are emotionally connected to, be it your or your spouse's alma mater, the school you applied to but never got accepted by, or just the home town team that you grew up watching. This adds to the anticipation as you prep for the main game of the day. You hang flags in the front yard, you don team colors and head to the stadium parking lot to relive your younger years, or meet up with fellow fans to cheer your team on for the afternoon. Is there anything better than this? I think not.

This year will be memorable for me as Michigan fan. With the era of new coach, Rich Rodriguez beginning and a road trip to the Purdue game in midst of being planned I am definitely looking forward to the start of the season. I am also excited for my alma mater WMU’s season. They were overrated last year and definitely did not live up to their projected success. However they ended the season on high note by trouncing the Iowa Hawkeyes in the last game of the season. With a vast amount of returning players on defense and a strong Reciving core plus some great TEs I am predicting a surprisingly successful season this fall.

Go Broncos! Go BLUE!

Mr. W.

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