Monday, September 8, 2008

Broncos Win in Front of Home Crowd

Hiller/ West combine for Big Offense

by MR. W.

The Broncos Get their first win at the home opener and everyone stayed to watch. The reports from Kalamazoo Saturday state that the student section stayed filled, and active, until the end of the 29-26 win over NIU.

Western utilized key turnovers and cool and level headed Tim Hiller to fend off the Huskies. With Brandon West racking up 175 yards rushing and Hiller avoiding a INT the offense put together a great night. The defense had a few issues but they will continue to gel and need to lean on their experience to live up to their expectations.

Heading into Moscow, not that Moscow, next week the Broncos will be facing a team with the same 1-1 record in the smallest Division I stadium with a capacity of 16,000 in the dome. To the students and fans keep up the good work way to push your team over the hump.

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