Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Don't Have a Buzz...Yet

Let's Go Broncos!

We are half way through Western/Central week, both teams are undefeated in the conference, and they are in the better division of the conference, and by better I mean the division that includes last years Conference Champion, a 7-0 team ranked at No.24 in the AP, another team that came away from the “Big House” victorious and a 6-1 Bronco team that is atop the conference at 4-0 in conference play. So can you feel the excitement, the buzz, the rumbling of the Bronco stampede heading for an invasion of Kelly Shorts stadium? No? Me neither. I have only seen one campus paper article this week on the game, another article that referenced the rivalry while promoting a blood drive competition and that is about it. When you look at this game the lack of enthusiasm is if you are oblivious to the implications of this weekend's contest take a look below at some of things I will be focusing on.

First off this is the best Western (not a reference to the hotel chain) squad I have seen since 2000. More importantly this game is extremely monumental... it sets up the Ball State match up for both of these teams as being the precursor to the MAC championship. This weekend victor is 4 games from being crowned MAC champs. If you are reading this you are most likely one of the faithful Broncos, like me, that take heed in this game because it brings validity to the program and it has historical and future implications. Three of the last four meetings have been great games with the winning margin being 7 points or less. Coach Cubit needs to best his biggest in state foe and begin the process of gaining the upper hand in this annual matchup. This is also a great opportunity to pile on to some personal stats for some of the Broncos. Quarterback Tim Hiller, for example, is averaging almost 300 yards a game, and he is eyeing LeFevour’s 3000 yard mark of last year. And finally the Kelly Shorts Stadium curse must be squashed.

I haven’t been this proud to be a Bronco in a while and I can't wait for this weekend’s game! GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!

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I H8 Mr. W. said...

Mr. W:

You are teh man. You are not the only Bronco out there. I am over on the southeast side of teh state and there is a growing buzz among alumni.

A bronco victory this weekend (4-0 on road btw) will feed nicely into the Illinois game. I cannot wait for this weekend.

Does anyone know a bar in the Detroit area that will be showing the game?