Friday, March 27, 2009

Schedule release puts the Oh!, in ' 09 season.

Western released it's full football schedule today. The first two games are on the road at Big Ten opponents; Michigan and Indiana respectively. If WMU were playing these games last year the Broncos might have started off 2-0, and this year the odds aren't that bad either. U of M could have another season opener the ends in dead silence in the stands. Right now they are looking to run the offense with either walk- on QB Nick Sheridan( who by the way can't walk at all right now due to a lower leg fracture) or a true freshman out of San Diego in Tate Forcier.

Western has a challenge ahead of them for spring and summer. They lost a lot of seniors and the starting QB, Tim Hiller, is on the side lines recovering from ACL surgery. Coach Cubit and crew need to rebuild the receiving crew after losing 2, maybe more, future Sunday players. Along with the offense, the defense lost several potential NFL players to graduation. The silver lining here is found in the fact that the current players know they could get a starting role and are showing it in the spring work outs, according to reports on the MLive! and Western's athletics page.

Overall, the schedule is interesting. Five home games, one being Central, and another being an ESPN2 broadcast on a likely frigid Tuesday night the week of Thanksgiving. What is the over/under on attendance at that game? Thanks to the MAC for showcasing Waldo Stadium on a national broadcast with 900 people in the stands. However, from a competitive standpoint the schedule looks nice. This is primarily due to MSU late in the season and most of the better MAC teams from last year on the schedule. Unfortunately, the MSU game which was supposed to be a neutral field game at Ford Field, has been moved to Michigan State. The "economy" is what supposedly put the kibosh on a Motown show down. The scheduling of Central-Western week, and homecoming week, back to back serves to be an exciting pair of weekends for alumni searching to regain some of their more youthful days. . . and falling, figuratively and literally, embarrassingly short of said goal. There are also a few short road trip possibilities with games in East Lansing, Ypsi and Toledo.

I just got my Texas Bowl sweatshirt last week, they were on sale at WMUonline for $7.95, and I am looking forward to getting a shirt next year from a bowl that the Broncos are victorious in.


Full schedule listed below:

2009 Football Schedule
Sept. 5 at Michigan
Sept. 12 at Indiana
Sept. 19 MIAMI * (CommUniverCity Night)
Sept. 26 HOFSTRA
Oct. 3 at Northern Illinois *
Oct. 10 at Toledo *
Oct. 24 BUFFALO * (Homecoming)
Oct. 31 at Kent State *
Nov. 7 at Michigan State
Nov. 14 at Eastern Michigan*
Nov. 24 BALL STATE * (ESPN2 - 7 P.M.)
Dec. 4 Marathon MAC Championship (ESPN2 - Ford Field - 8 p.m.)
* Conference Game


Anonymous said...

Mr. W:

What is your season prediction for the Broncos?

Mr. W. said...

My current prediction without hearing much about the new defensive palyaers and Hillers health would be 8-4. Losses to MSU, and the other big ten teams along with the annual heartbreaker to Central are the only losses I can see right now. Big wins against Michigan and/or Indiana could change the whole season and Cubit needs to beat Central. With teams like Hofstra at home, along EMU, NIU, and Toledo as the road games I think a few well coached games could get the broncos back to bowl eligibility.